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4 Steps to Success in Social Media Marketing

4 Steps to Success in Social Media Marketing


Social media has a very expansive reach. Facebook has 2billion active users that log onto the network on a regular basis. It doesn’t seem like the trend is going to slow down anytime soon but that’s good for marketers and business owners. Social media in Melbourne is a very useful tool to help you gain support and recognition. However, you be successful, you need to have the right strategy in place and at OAC Digital we suggest these tips:

#1.Target Market

Different social media networks have different character, so to speak. With the exception of Facebook, it’s easy to figure out what kind of audience you’ll find on every network. For example, on LinkedIn, you’ll find businesses, professionals, people looking for a jobs, etc.

On Instagram, you’ll find teenagers and millenials posting content and pictures. You need to figure out the character of the social network and understand the demographic. While your marketing campaign should be spread out across all social media platforms, you need to focus on platforms where your target audiences are.

#2. Communicate With the Audience

You need to establish a connection with your target audience and one of the best ways to do that is to join conversations on social media. You can comment on content, reply to messages, and follow your favourite people of influence and reach. This would get you into the community and make you part of it, which helps you establish a personal connection with the audience.

#3. Listen to What Your Target Audience Are Saying

You need to keep your ear to the ground and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and customer preferences. If you listen to what your target audiences are saying and read or watch their content, you’ll be able to create a strategy that would appeal to them and help you gain success on social media in Melbourne.

#4. Connect With the Influencers

Influencers have authority and are considered trustworthy by their followers and fans. For example, a favourable review on a piece of technology from a popular and well-established tech-reviewer would bolster sales. That’s why you need to reach out to them and connect with them on social media.

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