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AdWords Strategy

AdWords Strategy


AdWords is a very comprehensive tool for digital marketing. It allows people to target audiences with impressive amounts of precision and can help you create excellent ad campaigns. Unfortunately, not many know how to utilise its full potential. In fact, most marketers barely scratch the surface of AdWords’ potential.

If you want good quality AdWords in Melbourne, you can get in touch with us at OAC Digital. We use comprehensive tools, research, and our experience to create the right AdWords campaign. Here’s a brief look into what an AdWords strategy should look like.

Keyword Research

Some marketers will never look beyond Google’s Keyword Planner to find keywords. Unfortunately, that doesn’t lead to great results. It’s vital to spend time on research to find the right keywords because they’re the foundation of your campaign.

Different keywords will attract different kinds of audience. For example, keywords with ‘how to do-’ or ‘what can you do-’ etc will bring in research traffic. These audiences are looking for information and might not be interested in the product.

However, keywords that contain ‘The best-’ or ‘Good quality-’ etc, will bring in traffic that’s interested in the product and might make a purchase. If you want to see profit, you might want to have more keywords like the latter.

Call Tracking

It’s also vital to test the keywords that you’ve already used. For example, you can use call tracking to see which keywords lead to phone calls. A phone call is a great way to gauge customer interest. If people are just researching your product, they won’t bother to call. Prospects that call are closer to the buying decision than your other prospects. They’re on the verge of converting.

By tracking calls and web forms, you can see which keywords are more effective in bringing in converting traffic. That would allow you to optimise your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads and your campaign of AdWords in Melbourne.


Analytics is one of the most important aspects of AdWords in Melbourne. After all, you need to be sure that your ads are performing well and are optimised. Strategies like call tracking and conversions tracking allow a marketer to figure out which ads deliver buyer traffic. An expert marketer will keep an eye on the performance of your ads and will allocate funds to keywords that bring in customers.

At OAC Digital we provide our clients the best services by using world-leading call tracking technology to track all keywords that culminate in phone calls.  We then use this conversion data to effectively filter out keywords that are bringing in “research traffic”; armed with this information, we then  allocate a larger budget  to keywords that drive enquiries that come in via Phone or Web Forms. These strategies will help business maximise their advertising budgets, delivering ROI with the main goal to get more customers. Want to know more about AdWords in Melbourne? Just give us at 1300 188 088. You can also use our live chat to speak with us.

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