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Engaging an Accredited, Experienced AdWords Agency

Engaging an Accredited, Experienced AdWords Agency


If AdWords aren’t managed correctly, they can be a big drain on your marketing budget. If you bid on the wrong keywords, don’t limit the budget, and ensure your campaigns are effective; you can end up wasting considerable amount of money so virtually no benefit.

Unfortunately, many businesses have faced this problem before because they haven’t chosen the right AdWords management in Melbourne. At OAC Digital, we encourage clients to hire an experienced and accredited AdWords agency to handle the job.

What’s an Accredited AdWord Agency?

An accredited AdWord agency fulfils all the requirements to become a Google Partner and earn the badge on their website. To be proclaimed a partner, the marketing company must:

  • Have a healthy client revenue growth record
  • Retain a vast number of their clients
  • See a steady overall revenue growth in their company
  • See a growth in the number of advertisers in the past 12 months
  • Have 12 months of AdWords manager account spend activity

The Google Partner Badge indicates that the marketing company is healthy, has good revenue, and has a number of satisfied clients with consistently performing AdWord campaigns.

The Online Advertising Co Advantage

We’re now a badged Google Partner and have delivered a good performance for several years now. We have a wealth of experience, skill, and current knowledge that allows us to create highly-successful AdWords campaigns for service and product-related businesses. We also have detailed call tracking services that allow us to monitor calls from AdWord campaigns and identify successful keywords.

We use our detailed tracking service to single out keywords that generate phone calls and direct your funds from lower performing campaigns to them. With our expert AdWords management in Melbourne, you’ll gain the following benefits:

  • Optimised PPC ads that target well-researched keywords.
  • Inclusion of negative keywords to avoid as much non-converting clicks as possible.
  • Carefully thought-out expense caps for every campaign to ensure you don’t exceed your marketing budget.
  • Lean and efficient AdWords campaigns that focus on high-performing keywords.

We have the Industry benchmarks and have achieved all the requirements to be an Authorised Google Partner so you can trust and rely on our services and be sure you’ll get good ROI.

Just call our Online Advertising Experts on 1300 188 088 or simply use our live chat on our website to speak with us. We are never too far to visit you and discuss your strategy in person.