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How to Find a Good SEO Agency

How to Find a Good SEO Agency


It’s not easy to find a good SEO agency in Melbourne. There are many companies that make lofty promises but don’t deliver good results. It’s easy to start an SEO company because most people believe that this field don’t require much effort or knowledge.

They focus on keywords and link-building and forget about other, more comprehensive SEO strategies. That can hamper your business and lower rankings, which is why you need to hire a good company. Experts at OAC Digital have put together this guide to help you make your decision:

  • Quote Without Assessment – No legitimate SEO company would give you a cost estimate without conducting an initial assessment of your website. Some websites have a good foundation and don’t require much effort or time. Some sites aren’t set up for SEO at all, and need to be worked on from the ground up. Naturally, the cost of SEO will vary from one website to another. An SEO agency in Melbourne that offers fixed or upfront pricing might not be legitimate or efficient.
  • Promises of a Fixed Time Frame – SEO takes time and is implemented gradually over the course of 6 to 12 months. Most companies see improvement in their rankings within 3 to 4 months, and have to wait patiently to reach the desired position on the search engine results pages. Some business owners don’t realize that SEO is a slow process and fall for promises that offer quick results. You need to realize that marketers and SEO experts can’t really control the results enough to give you a fixed timeline. In some cases, you might see quick results while in others, the results might take several months to become evident. If an SEO agency in Melbourne promises quick results in a particular timeframe, they might not be skilled professionals.
  • A Dedicated Agency – Some SEO agencies juggle multiple tasks at once. They might dabble in Web design, PPC, email marketing, etc. They might not have a dedicated professional who will work only on SEO and that can slow down the progress of your SEO campaign. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to choose an agency that has a dedicated SEO professional in the house.

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