Local SEO - pin your business to the right place on the map
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Local SEO – pin your business to the right place on the national map

Local SEO – pin your business to the right place on the national map


No sooner did Australians become familiar with the term SEO for Search Engine Optimisation, than another phrase start circulating: Local SEO. This isn’t a new buzzword, it’s simply a recognition that people frequently search the global internet for local business in their area.

Australia is an entire continent.If your business offers services in Sydney or Parramatta, you don’t want to have to compete for visibility with every Australian business that offers something similar.

Unless your business is location independent and you can offer global or national services, why waste your resources on reaching people who aren’t potential customers because of their location?

Local Directory Listings alone aren’t enough

Even though online local directory listings will filter the products or services people are looking for by specific area, this isn’t sufficient for your business. There are limitations to relying on local directory pages.

What if the owners of local directory pages go out of business?

Sometimes, their old directory pages will still sit in search engine caches, even if they are no longer updating them. Your own contact details might have changed and you can’t do anything about it.

Or if they are still in business but you have forgotten to update your details?

You could be unknowingly advertising old or incorrect contact details for your business.

There is only one thing worse for your business than not being found online when your customers need you – being found with incorrect contact details. Customers will be frustrated before you’ve even had a chance to say g’day.

Local SEO ensures your business attracts the people who need you

Instead of relying on finding customers through local directories alone, what if you could attract the right potential customers directly to your own site?

SEO experts can help you to optimise your website content to ensure that your business is always available as a top option for your local customers. Speak to us about local SEO services that will generate results.