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Maximising your SEO Presence

Maximising your SEO Presence


The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring organic traffic into your website and there are different ways to do achieve that result. A good strategy involves a number of optimisations to your website, online presence, and marketing campaigns. If you want to maximise your SEO presence, you need to create a solid plan and OAC Digital, can help. Here are some tips that would allow you to take your SEO game to the next level.

Research Keywords

It’s very important to research keywords carefully before you include them into your website and content. Some people just pick the top results from keyword generation tools without paying attention to their potential impact on SEO. A good Melbourne SEO company will investigate keywords a little further, and dig a little deeper before they shortlist them for the content.

Your first step is to find keywords that are most relevant to your industry and product. You should also choose them on the basis of how they would fit into the content. Sometimes, bad keywords can stick out like a sore thumb and distract your readers and audience. This can compromise your credibility.

Keyword Categories

Keywords fall broadly in two different categories based on how and why they bring traffic to your website. Here’s a brief explanation of these two categories:

  • Keywords that Drive Research Traffic – Many marketers ignore research traffic keywords because they don’t believe they bring in revenue. These keywords tend to answer the how to or why questions of prospective customers. Marketers often underestimate just how valuable these keywords can be because they do bring in organic traffic to your website.

They also help increase your credibility and authority in the industry. You can use strong and popular keywords and get organic traffic in without bidding on them in AdWords and including them in PPC campaigns.

  • Keywords that Drive Converting Traffic – Keywords that convert traffic, drive enquiries and bring in people who are interested in a product and wish to purchase it. They’re generally pro-related keywords. For example, the Melbourne SEO company keyword included in this article will bring in business owners interested in hiring an SEO company to our website. These keywords will lead to more conversions and better return on SEO investment.

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