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PPC campaigns are a great way to get your company name out there, especially if you’ve just set up shop and need some recognition. On the surface, PPC looks easy because all you need to do is choose the right keywords to target, create a compelling ad copy, set the targeting parameters, and post. At OAC Digital, we know that there’s more to AdWords campaigns than that. If you want to get more conversions from your AdWords campaign, you need to optimise it and here are some tips.

1. Look at the Ad Copy

The ad copy is the first point of contact between you and your prospective customers. Most people don’t take them seriously enough because they’re just a few simple lines of texts. There’re always room for optimisation but many experts at AdWords in Melbourne ignore it. Every word in an ad copy should be chosen carefully and if you want to include keywords, you must be smart about it.

2. Lean Campaigns and Smart Keywords

Would you rather spend your time and money on ten PPC ads that don’t work well or five ads that deliver great results?Lean campaigns are easier to manage and also a better utilization of your resources. With careful research and excellent planning, you can create PPC campaigns with compelling ad copies and effective keywords. All you need to do is put the ads through their paces and A/B test them. This would allow you to create the most optimised campaigns for your brand.

3. Call Tracking

Call tracking is an effective way to determine which ad campaigns deliver good results and which need more work or should be eliminated. The AdWords platform will allow you to track calls made from a smart phone via a click on the PPC ad. You can also hire a third-party call tracking service if you want to track calls caused by desktop searches.

This will give you a more detailed picture of how your campaign fairs. You can remove ads and eliminate keywords that don’t work for you and direct your resources towards campaigns that have proven to be effective. Call tracking will help you optimise and get the most conversions out of AdWords in Melbourne.

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