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Search engine optimisation is a complex marketing strategy that combines a number of tricks and tools to achieve increased visibility on search engines. SEO takes times to implement and have an impact on the rankings on search engine results pages but if it’s done right, your website will have a place on the first page. Unfortunately, business owners often invest a lot of money in SEO and don’t get good results. That’s why we at OAC Digital we provide SEO packages in Melbourne that offer performance guarantees.

Some Companies Don’t Deliver ROI

Search engines consider over two hundred ranking factors before they assign a place to your website. The only way to make it to the first page is to optimise your website for as many as these ranking factors as you can. As you might have guessed, this takes a considerable amount of effort, skill, and time.

Some companies prioritise earning profits over delivering good quality results so they’ll try to squeeze in as many clients as they can into their schedule. This doesn’t allow them to focus on individual SEO campaigns well and the results reflect that. Such marketers will use shortcuts and easy techniques along with poor quality keywords and lazy analytics to create your SEO campaign. That won’t improve your SEO and might even damage your current ranking.

Performance Guarantees will Help Protect Your Investment

Performance guarantees don’t promise that you’ll get 100% results and your website will be on the top of the SERP. Instead, you get a guarantee that your SEO marketer will reach a certain set of goals in a defined period of time. That’s how we work and get worthwhile results for our clients through our SEO packages in Melbourne.

Our Company experts will focus on a set of keywords and provide a good plan for each of them. A predetermined percentage of keywords will bring your website to the first page of the SERP on search engines like Google and Bing. This ensures that you will get enough visibility and foot traffic to your website to stay ahead of the competition.

We will provide benchmarks to showcase our progress at 6, 12, 18, and 24-month intervals. Performance guarantees on SEO packages will ensure that your money and effort doesn’t go to waste. Want to know more about SEO packages in Melbourne? Just give us at OAC Digital a call at 1300 188 088. You can also fill in this contact us form or simply use our live chat.