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Simple Tips To Help Improve Your SEO

Simple Tips To Help Improve Your SEO


SEO is a very effective strategy to bring organic traffic to your website, but over the years, it has become quite complicated. Today, implementing or updating SEO takes considerable amount of time and effort. However, it doesn’t have to always be that difficult. There are some simple improvements you can make to your SEO in Melbourne and they’ll lead to a marked improvement in traffic volume and rankings. At OAC Digital, this is what we recommend:

#1. Look at the Keywords

The effectiveness of certain keywords can change over time, so the words that worked six months or a year ago, might not work today. You need to look at all the keywords in your content carefully, or start keyword research anew. Find the best and most effective keywords and phrases associated with your content topic and simply incorporate them into your content. You’ll see a significant change in the placement on the search engine. You might also bring in more converting audience with the new keywords.

#2. Update the Content

Update the content on the main pages of your website. You can change the headlines, descriptions, and other such information slightly and this would keep your website fresh and current. Regularly updated websites are considered active by Google and they tend to rank high on the search engine results page. That’s why regular updates are such an important part of SEO in Melbourne.

#3. Add Video Content

Customers love video content because it shows them a more realistic picture of the products or services. Such content also establishes a tie between you and your audiences and make your interactions more personal. Video content will also have an impact on your ranking because Google is aware that audiences love it. Video content isn’t very difficult to create; you just need to plan it well, have a good camera, and learn some video editing.

#4. Local SEO

If you’re a local business, you need to use local SEO techniques. You should claim your business on Google, make sure that your name address, and phone number data is accurate, and you have long-tailed local keywords in your content. This would help your business ranking higher because it would narrow the focus of the campaign.

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