Website Live Chat Can Help in Increasing Conversions on Website
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Website Live Chat Helps Increase Conversions On Your Website When Your Business Is Closed

Website Live Chat Helps Increase Conversions On Your Website When Your Business Is Closed


As a business owner, you need to utilise every opportunity that’s available to you, to communicate with your customer. In this highly competitive world, it’s vital to develop a good rapport with your customers and encourage loyalty for your brand. One of the best ways to do this is to always respond when they contact you and need your help. That’s why we at OAC Digital always encourage customers to add website live chat to their online business platform. Here are some reasons why live chat would prove beneficial to you.

  • Better User Experience –Customers know you don’t necessarily have to accommodate them outside of business hours. They usually don’t mind a simple message that states you’ll reply to their query during the following day. However, if you add website live chat and respond to customers even outside of business hours, you show you’re willing to walk an extra mile to provide a better user experience to them.
  • Prompt Response-When you have live chat, you can respond to your customers’ questions promptly and help them on the spot. Customers always appreciate quick responses and you can keep them engaged and interested in your products through immediate communication. You can answer questions and capture the enquiry regardless of the time and day, which would please your customers and improve your business reputation.
  • Influencing Buyer Decision-Website live chat can have an influence on buyer decision because your customers won’t have to wait to get their question answered and make their decision. For example, if a customer has a question about a product and wants to find one bit of information before they make a purchase, you need to answer promptly.

If you don’t, they’ll you reply to make the purchase and during that waiting period, they might lose interest or find answers their question with your competitor. Prompt responses through live chat would speed-up the buying process and encourage your customers to make the purchase.

  • In-Depth Resolution of Problems-Live chat provides human interaction, skill, and knowledge. It doesn’t provide pre-programmed responses to a set of questions. This means your customers will get in-depth answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

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