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What is AdWords and Why Your Business Should Do It?

What is AdWords and Why Your Business Should Do It?


If you’re familiar with internet marketing, you might’ve heard of AdWords. It’s one of the most important tools in a marketer’s arsenal. If you want to advertise on Google, you need study and understand it well. At OAC Digital, we have a team of excellent marketers and they’re experts at AdWords. This article contains the barebones explanation of AdWords according to them.

What is AdWords in Melbourne?

AdWords is a tool to create, manage, and monitor pay-per-click ads in the Google ecosystem. If you want to showcase your ads in Google search and affiliated websites, you need to work with the AdWords platform. It’s a one-stop management system that includes all the features you need to keep track of your ad campaigns and these features include:

  • Creating Ads – You can create PPC ads on this platform by focusing on keywords. AdWords offers a number of targeting parameters so you can determine the kind of audience your ad would be visible to.
  • Managing Ads – Most businesses will have several PPC ads that target different keywords. AdWords will help you manage those ads and make sure they perform well. The platform has an Analytics tool that can help you keep track and collect data from all of your campaigns. You can then optimise the ads based on the data and direct your resources accordingly.
  • Bidding on Keywords – AdWords in Melbourne works around keywords. Marketers need to bid the amount they’re willing to pay for every click on keywords related to their business and industry. You can choose different types of keywords, including broad match, phrase match, negative match, and exact match keywords.

Why Do You Need to Use AdWords?

It takes time to learn how to work with AdWords but the end results are worth it. Here are some reasons why you need to include it in your marketing campaign:

  • Immediate Visibility – All paid ads are placed on the top of the SERP so your prospective customers will immediately notice it.
  • Quick Results – The biggest advantage of AdWords is that it brings results to your website immediately after the ad is posted and is live.

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