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On the surface SEO seems very easy. After all, it’s just stuffing the right keywords in the right content, right? That’s the general impression most business owners have about SEO. They don’t really realize that this marketing strategy involves much more than just keywords and content. They try to handle SEO themselves, hoping to save the expense of hiring an SEO agency in Melbourne.

However, eventually they start to realise that their efforts aren’t providing any concrete results. If you need good results, you need to hire a professional and that’s what you get with us at OAC Digital. Here are some reasons why you should hire an SEO agency.

Understanding Your Target Audience

SEO experts understand the value of getting to know the target audience. They research your niche, understand your company and your goals, and take time to find the right keywords. If they don’t do that, they won’t be able to bring in good quality organic traffic to your website.

Understanding the target audience is the first step to a successful SEO campaign. That requires research and collecting data from your website and your industry. This isn’t a task that you can handle yourself. You need the expertise of an SEO agency in Melbourne to run a successful campaign.

Understanding the Elements of SEO

When Google ranks websites on its SERPs, it considers over 250 ranking factors. These factors include everything from the website loading speed, structure, and content to backlinks and reputation. SEO can be divided into two main categories based on these factors; on-site SEO involves optimizing the website while off-site SEO involves optimizing your reputation outside of your website. This includes backlinks, reviews on Google and directories like Yelp and Yellow Pages, etc. You need an SEO agency in Melbourne that would understand all of these aspects of SEO and implement it well.


SEO needs near constant monitoring. It’s not a set-and-forget strategy. That’s why analytics is very important. You don’t just need to track the performance of the SEO by the rank of your keywords; you need to monitor aspects like call tracking so that they can see the results of the SEO campaign.

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