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Fine Tuning Your AdWords Campaign Around Conversions

Fine Tuning Your AdWords Campaign Around Conversions


PPC campaigns can be highly effect or they can be a mighty mess, it depends on how you plan and handle the details. Sometimes minor tweaks and alterations can make a massive difference in the success of your campaign and get you more return on your investment. At OAC Digital, we implement a number of tips and tricks to improve the overall performance of a PPC campaign. Here are some of those tips to strengthen your AdWords campaign around conversions.

1.Optimise the Ad Copy

The ad copy might only contain a few measly lines of text, but it can still be optimised to deliver good results. You need to make your ad, eye-catching and still ensure the person who clicks on it might actually be interested in converting. That’s a tall order and many experts at AdWords in Melbourne can’t really reach this goal.

A good way to optimise your ad copy is to plan each word carefully and ensure everything comes together to create a convincing call to action. You should also A/B test different copies of your ad to ensure you use the best ones in your campaign.

  1. Research Keywords and Eliminate Waste

An AdWords in Melbourne expert will tell you that a lean campaign is the best campaign. Not only is it easy to manage, but it also makes optimal use of your resources. Some PPC campaigns perform better than others, thanks to smart use of keywords and a great ad copy. You need to remove all campaigns that don’t perform well and redirect the ad-spend to better campaigns and keywords. It’s a good idea to research the keywords you use in your campaigns to see if they’re still effective.

  1. Call Tracking

You should engage a third-party call tracking service to monitor calls that are generated from an Adwords Campaign. While Adwords allows you to track calls from Mobiles there are limitations in tracking calls generated Offline (Desktop searches). A third party call tracking services allows you to not only track ALL calls generated from an Adwords Campaign to determine which keywords drive more phone calls but it allows you can remove less effective keywords from your campaigns and redirect the money to high-performing ones. You can also listen to the call recordings and determine your true ROI, how your employees interact with customers, and how much you need to train them.

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