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Google Partners and the Advantages of Working with Them

Google Partners and the Advantages of Working with Them


It seems like digital marketing companies are popping up everywhere. When you search for them online, you’ll find hundreds of options to choose from. Finding the right marketer amongst them can be a little daunting. After all, a good marketing strategy is vital for the success of your company and that requires a skilled professional. At The OAC Digital, we recommend you look for a Google Partner in Melbourne to help set up an effective online marketing strategy.

What is a Google Partner?

Being a Google Partner is similar to having a Google stamp of approval. The search engine giant works with digital marketers, offering them training, access to special events, and industry research. Google also provides thorough study materials and free certification exams.

This is the company’s way of implementing quality control. They want to ensure marketers use white hat techniques that benefit search engine users as well as website owners. The Google Partner badge indicates that the company follows legal practices, that their business enjoys a good online reputation, and is healthy.

Advantages of Working with a Google Partner in Melbourne

Earning the Google Partner badge requires effort and commitment. The company must keep their clients satisfied, deliver good results, and follow the guidelines put in place by the search engine. There are some distinct advantages to working with a Google Partner in Melbourne, such as:

  • They Use Approved Techniques and Practices- Google Partners use white hat, approved techniques to give you good results. While black hat techniques do deliver quick results, they aren’t good quality results and will jeopardize your company’s reputation. Google also penalises websites that use such techniques.
  • Latest Information and Knowledge – Techniques like SEO and PPC require a thorough knowledge of the industry and how the search engine works. Google Partners usually get product updates, news, research, and other such information very quickly.
    For example, if Google upgrades its algorithm, Google Partners are the first to know. A Google Partner in Melbourne is always on top of their game. This helps them adapt their strategies to get better results for their clients.

Certifications- Google also offers certifications that would allow marketers to become experts in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, etc. That ensures you get a high-quality service.
If you want your digital marketing campaign to be successful, you should work with a Google Partner in Melbourne. They have the right tools and the right knowledge.

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