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When you search your business name on the Internet, you might notice a box on the right of the page that mentions a small amount of information about your business along with your phone number, commercial address, work timing, etc. Sometimes, the listing will also mention reviews and star ratings to provide your customer with the most accurate information about your company.

Google sources information to post on this listing from various places. If you want it to be accurate and convincing, you need to optimise it. At OAC Digital, we recommend you consider the following suggestions.

Google Maps Listings

Google Maps makes it easy for your prospective customers to find your business location but the information on Maps must be accurate. If you want your company name to show up in Google Maps search results, you need to claim your business and make sure the pin is placed in the right location.

This is the first step in Google Maps advertising and will give you an opportunity to correct any mistaken information that has been added to the listing by default. Optimised listing have a better chance of ranking higher in Search Results because customers can and will report any wrong information to Google.


Google Maps is one of the most important aspects of local search and that’s largely because of the local three-pack. This is a list of three local businesses located in the proximity of the customer. The three-pack is placed on top of the search engine results page and will immediately catch the customer’s attention. It takes up a considerable amount of screen real-estate, especially on smart phones so if your brand name is placed there, you’ll gain increased visibility.

How to Optimise Listing? 

It’s very easy to optimise your Google Maps listing, especially if you don’t have a big online presence. Here’s what you need to do as a part of your Google Maps advertising campaign:

  • Correct your name, address, and phone number data in the listing.
  • Make sure the pin is located in the right location on Google Maps.
  • Try to get good reviews about your business and products from your customers on Google+. These reviews will be featured prominently in the listing.
  • Embed the Map in your contacts page. This will help improve your rankings.

Want to know more about Google Maps advertising? Just give OAC Digital a call at 1300 188 088. You can also use our live chat on our website.

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