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Why EVERY Business Should Implement Live Chat

Why EVERY Business Should Implement Live Chat


Live chat for websites is a great way to provide your customers with prompt assistance and immediate resolution of their problems. Most websites today have chat services enabled in their website and these work well. Unfortunately, these services are only open and available during business hours.

While most customers don’t mind waiting until the next day or for business hours to begin before they get their reply, prompt assistance will be appreciated. At OAC Digital, we encourage customers to have outsourced live-chat services on their website.

Why Is Live Chat Important?

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to have live chat for websites. Not many businesses utilise this feature at the moment, because they don’t want to add to their expense. However, soon it would be ubiquitous; because customers would start to expect it. Customers would start believing that 24/7 support through live chat is something they should rightfully receive. After all, this service provides them with prompt answers to their questions and helps them make quick decisions.

Why Outsource?

Live chat works well because it’s manned by humans and the solutions provided are based on a customer service agent’s knowledge and skill rather than pre-programmed responses.  Customers get more detailed and comprehensive answers to their questions and advice, which has a positive impact on user experience. However, you can’t man the live chat console 24/7 without a full-fledged team that’s willing to work in shifts and that can be an expensive affair.

The best solution to this problem is to outsource live chat for websites to a third-party agency. This service would ensure your live chat is manned by dedicated consultants that can manage your website outside business hours and on weekends and holidays.

The biggest benefit of live chat manned by experienced consultants is that they can prompt conversations with research traffic. They can provide assistance, information, and establish a rapport with visitors. This would encourage visitors to consider making a purchase and help bring in more revenue. A third-party outsourced service is also more affordable than a dedicated in-house team and offers great ROI if you choose the right service provider.

Just call our Online Advertising Experts on 1300 188 088 or simply use our live chat on our website to speak with us. We are never too far to visit you and discuss your strategy in person.

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