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Why Your Business Needs To Implement SEO

Why Your Business Needs To Implement SEO


It’s easy to become confused and frustrated by SEO. That’s one of the reasons why some business owners focus on other digital marketing strategies and don’t work on optimising their website and campaigns for search engines. Unfortunately, this has an impact on their visibility on search engines and can lower how much revenue they earn.

At OAC Digital, we believe that SEO is the most rewarding strategy you can use, especially if it’s implemented correctly. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a good SEO agency in Melbourne today.

  1. People Will Find You Through Search Engines

Majority of your customers will find you through search engines. Today, people make purchases only after they’ve researched the product or service online. They will look for the best price, reviews, and alternatives. If you have good SEO in place, the customers will find you and will purchase the products they need from your store. Great SEO will ensure you have a good online reputation and are a well-established brand that customers can trust.

  1. SEO has an Impact on Your Rankings

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation so all of the techniques used by experts in this field are designed to make you more visible on search engines. If you implement your SEO strategy well, your website link will be present on the first page of the search engine results.

Most customers will not look beyond the first page when they search for products because they know Google or Bing will only showcase the best results first. Google has over 250 ranking factors and a good SEO strategy will include optimising your website and brand to tick most of those boxes. SEO will also have an impact on the overall quality and appeal of your website.

  1. It Takes Time but It Works

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time and requires regular attention and optimisation. Unlike PPC, you won’t see immediate results and increase in foot traffic. Even the best SEO strategies will take a few months to showcase the results. Most business will see significant improvements in their ranking and reputation after 12 months of consistent work and efforts. However, SEO is highly effective so if you’re patient, you’ll definitely see results.

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